Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things are becoming very critical. After enjoying a relaxing meal at Quickies Too Mel coughed and her rib hurt. We ended up at St. Joe’s ER which in itself was an experience! Don’t worry friends, Mel is OK!

The other concern on Wednesday night is our horoscopes pulled from the Stranger. They are so deep.

Tacoma won’t be the same without the Ring Boyz. They leave for a brainstorming session at the beach and we will miss their cute faces.

Leo: When he's in his prime, a male panda performs an average of eight handstands a day. There is no apparent evolutionary purpose in this stunt. He does it because it feels good. I suggest you make him your role model in the coming week, Leo. Identify three activities you can do not because they are “good for you” or because they’ll advance some goal you are pursuing, but simply for the sheer fun of it. If you can’t think of any playtime endeavors that fit this description, do the meditation and research necessary to find some. Whatever deeds you ultimately settle on, do them at least eight times a day.

Virgo: It might be a good idea to temporarily avoid wearing stiletto heels, Virgo. The risk of slipping while wearing them is greater than usual. In a similar vein, I suggest you refrain from tightrope walking, putting yourself on a pedestal, or dreaming of climbing a ladder to the clouds. Two more suggestions: Don’t look down on people whom you imagine are inferior to you, and don’t promise more than you can deliver. You catch my drift? Stay away from high and mighty forms of expression. Choose low, deep, and funky positions instead. Be as down-to-earth as you can possibly be.

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