Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After rushing to Corina Bakery to pick up some vegan cake (chocolate tonight) it was really hard for the evening to get much better. The only thing that can top that is the orange dreamsicle cake. If you have not absorb my favorite thing in the world that I just mentioned you will someday.

Our sides hurt. Some are bruises, sumz is food. Food babies. Tonight we are listening to the new Kanye West album. The debate of whether this one will stay in the player for more than tonight is ON.

After Kyle's "Last Night in America" it seems like nothing else can happen, ever. There has been a few five star days listed in The News Tribune. The accuracy is questionable. I will point out on behalf of Mel some 3 star days have transformed into 5 star days!


p r e s t o n said...

hey girls! my horoscope today told me to "spread the love and give hugs like they are going out of style." so.... what are you doing tonight?

KB said...

You guys are awesome. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Preston, I'll take one of those hugs.