Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last night precious and sweet Carol hosted the best Holiday dinner party EVA! There was wine of all kinds, vegan friendly dishes, cherry pie, and lovely people. We love her for all of this. She also had the cutest mini Christmas Tree I have ever seen.

To top it off there was SNOW and yes we walked through Tacoma in the snow with friends to Peoples Park and the bush animals at Tacoma General. Wright Park was lit up with a pink sky and the Hob Nob sign said "Santa is Coming". For a minute I really thought that might happen.

We miss the Ring Boyz and they will freeze when they return to Tacoma but we will be waiting with open hearts and their friends will keep them warm.


p r e s t o n said...

I am so upset that I missed that holiday party! Give my love to Tacoma, and throw a snowball at someone for me. kisses.

Chelle and Mel said...

Well, there are so many more parties to come! Christmas Eve dinner at Pacific Grill 5:00 pm, are you in? We made reservations with friends in mind. Tacoma is loved.